Celebrating the Visionary: Eunice Cofie Is A CEO and The United States of America’s Dark Skin Queen

Where standards of beauty often overlook diversity, Eunice Cofie soars as a kicker of empowerment and inclusivity. Born in Ghana and shaped by her experiences in the United States, Eunice embodies resilience, intellect, and a profound commitment to social impact.

A graduate in chemistry and molecular biology from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Eunice’s journey was marked by both adversity and triumph. Despite facing taunts and challenges from peers regarding her God-given attributes—her dark skin, curly hair, and captivating black eyes—Eunice embraced her uniqueness. Her victory in a beauty pageant not only affirmed her self-worth but ignited a passion to redefine beauty standards for people of color worldwide.

Driven by a vision to empower ethnic communities, Eunice founded Nuekie, Inc., a pioneering health and beauty company dedicated to providing quality dermatological products tailored to the specific needs of African, African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, and Pacific Islander individuals. As the President and Chief Cosmetic Chemist of Nuekie, Eunice channels her expertise to create revolutionary solutions that celebrate the diversity of skin tones and textures.

Beyond entrepreneurship, Eunice’s impact transcends borders. Her deep commitment to social causes has catalyzed positive change, particularly in Ghana and the Philippines. During her college years, she dedicated her summers to implementing the Save a Million Lives HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Program in rural Ghana, West Africa. As the former Miss Black Florida USA, she championed Preventing Childhood Obesity and Diabetes through Education and Life Transforming Habits, leaving an indelible mark on communities nationwide.

Eunice’s unwavering dedication has garnered global recognition. In 2012, she was honored as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, underscoring her transformative leadership in shaping a more inclusive world. Closer to home, the Florida Commission on the Status of Women bestowed upon her the prestigious 2011 Florida Achievement Award, while the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper named her one of the “25 Women You Need to Know in Tallahassee” in 2008