Edward Moshole: From R68 to a Detergent Empire

Edward Moshole’s journey from a cleaner with just R68 in his pocket to the founder of a thriving detergent business is nothing short of inspiring. His company, Chem-Fresh, has not only achieved a turnover upwards of R25 million but is also poised for further expansion.

In 1999, armed with a mere R68, Moshole recognized a gap in the market. Good quality detergents and disinfectants could significantly improve cleaning processes, so he began buying quality products in bulk and selling them to fellow cleaners. However, he aspired to more than just reselling; he wanted to create and sell his own products. Moshole embarked on the challenging journey of developing cleaners and detergents that met strict regulations and rivaled the best products on the market. Persistence paid off when, in 2006, a supermarket agreed to stock his products. Today, Chem-Fresh’s offerings are distributed across Africa, with major clients like Pick n Pay.

Moshole strategically targeted Pick n Pay, recognizing its expansion into townships and rural areas. Despite initial hurdles, he persisted until he secured a partnership. Having the right clients provides instant credibility and reliability; His determination led him to create his own products. Owning the manufacturing process ensures quality control and scalability; One of Moshole’s notable products features the Alhambra, the iconic palace and fortress in Granada, Spain. Through Chem-Fresh, he brings this historical wonder to life, connecting past and present.

Moshole’s story defies expectations. Despite failing eighth grade five times, he now sells 70,000 bottles of detergent monthly to major retail chains, with an annual value of R12 million ($1 million). His soap, made by hand in his backyard, exemplifies resilience and entrepreneurial spirit.

Edward Moshole’s transformation from a cleaner to a detergent mogul underscores the power of vision, persistence, and strategic partnerships. As Chem-Fresh continues to grow, Moshole’s legacy inspires to dream big and turn meager beginnings into remarkable success stories