Empowerment and Inclusion: Chief Elizabeth Ozua’s “Six I’s” Blueprint for Inspiring Women and Girls at the Duchess International Magazine IWD Conference 2024

At the Duchess International Women’s Day Conference 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya, Chief (Mrs) Elizabeth Ozua, an Independent National Sales Director of Mary Kay Cosmetics UK & Ireland, delivered a powerful presentation that called for the global empowerment of women and girls. Themed “Inspire Inclusion: Supporting Women and Girls in Leadership, STEM, Business, and Talent Development,” her speech outlined key strategies for achieving gender equality and fostering inclusion.

Chief Ozua’s address centered around her unique concept of “The Six I’s,” a framework designed to guide women and girls towards personal and professional success. The Six I’s—Identity, Inclusion, Incubation, Inspiration, Impact, and Impartation—serve as a blueprint for growth, development, and leadership. Each principle represents a key aspect of personal transformation and societal change, offering a comprehensive approach to empowerment.

Starting with Identity, Chief Ozua encouraged women and girls to understand and embrace their unique potential. She underscored the importance of recognizing one’s own identity as the first step in building confidence and setting ambitious goals. This self-awareness, she explained, leads to stronger resilience and a clearer path toward success.

Inclusion, according to Chief Ozua, goes beyond diversity to encompass genuine effort and belief in creating equitable opportunities. She discussed the critical role of Incubation in fostering dreams and values, emphasizing that providing a safe and supportive space allows individuals to cultivate their aspirations. By incubating ideas and nurturing them, women and girls can create a solid foundation for their futures.

Chief Ozua’s “Six I’s” framework resonated deeply with the audience, sparking a sense of purpose and determination. She encouraged attendees to embrace these principles and find a balance between work and personal life, promoting a harmonious approach to success. Her message was clear: through empowerment and inclusion, women and girls can lead the way toward a more equitable and innovative world.


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