Fabulous at 50! Happy Golden Jubilee Shola Rotimi-Ogundele

It takes more than fame, wealth, or even status to get an unshakeable army to show up when you truly need them, for with each passing day, behind the scenes, every man’s journey and legacy is being cemented in the sands of time. Which footprints are you leaving behind? Life’s most beautiful souls aren’t littered at your every turn. Life’s most precious memories? Most definitely not wrapped in the mundane.

Birthdays are special, a glorious celebration of the gift of a dearly beloved, who they are, all they’ve accomplished, and of course, the luxury of fresh, new beginnings, and awesome adventures which lay ahead.

Hitting the big 50 is in no small measure such an exciting milestone offering the rare privilege, to explore all of life’s most awesome hidden treasures, cushioning the celebrant to boldly embrace the rest of the ride, making the most out of one’s life journey.

It was indeed an unforgettable celebration as friends and family from far and wide gathered in honor of one of their own, Nigerian-born Scotland-based entrepreneur, Shola Rotimi-Ogundele, Founder Safari Caterers as she clocked the big five-zero!

Shola who runs her go-to Safari Caterers with her husband in Edinburgh, Scotland didn’t hold back on the fun and decided to mark the occasion in grand style in a three-day intimate affair.

The grand affair kicked off on April 28th with a pre-birthday beach party at Kos beach near Sophie’s, music, food, and dance, party lovers sure had the time of their lives. The D-day arrived which was on the 29th and the celebrant accompanied by her crew took an exciting trip to the Kalymnos, Platy, and Pserimos Islands, well renowned for being a tourist hub for fun-seekers.

Kalymnos – Greece

Said to be one of the most beautiful yet unexplored islands of the Dodecanese, its array of striking beauty and endless adventure draws its visitors in with a charm, talk rocky terrains, crystal clear beaches, remarkable architecture, Kalymnos, Greece eagerly opens arms wide to her visitors.

Platy island ( Greece)

Spectacular views, featuring crystal clear waters among countless attractions, situated between the islands of Kalymnos and Pserimos in Greece, Platy Island is small in size but a delight to visit.

Pserimos ( Greece)

Deep blue pristine beaches, charming landscapes, serene atmosphere, Pserimos, one of the remotest islands of the country located between the islands of Kos and Kalymnos, is small in size yet vibrant with color and endless treasures and attractions, presenting the perfect getaway spot from all of life’s hustle and bustle.

The day rightly ended by making the stomachs glad with an incredible three-course meal at the top-rated Mystilli Meal & Grill Restaurant, Kos, treating guests to the wonders of modern Greek cuisine with a Mediterranean touch. Putting the icing on the cake, the birthday dinner was given the honors of being aired live on Facebook by the restaurant owner himself, which had over 2,500 Greeks locked in! Talk creating beautiful, unforgettable memories indeed!

Coming to a grand close on the 30th, celebrations were crowned up with a boat cruise from Kos, Greece to Bodrum, Turkey, leaving party guests smiling from ear to ear.

Shola’s Fabulous @50 is most definitely what dreams are made of!

Cheers to rocking 50! May your latter years be more incredible than the former. Happy Birthday, Shola! Cheers to more amazing memories!

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