From Humble Beginnings to Culinary Stardom: The Inspiring Journey of Levi Roots

Levi Roots’ incredible journey begins in a charming village nestled in the heart of Clarendon, Jamaica. As a young boy, he spent countless hours by his grandmother’s side in the kitchen, learning the art of combining vibrant Caribbean flavors, fragrant herbs, and aromatic spices. This early culinary education, paired with his deep love for music which he developed at his grandmother’s church, laid the foundation for the remarkable successes that were yet to come in his life.

Levi’s upbringing was split between living with his grandparents in Jamaica while his parents toiled away in Brixton, England. Their hard work was all in pursuit of reuniting Levi with his five older siblings. The transition to moving in with his parents opened up a whole new world for Levi, especially when it came to schooling. It was during this time that Levi also had the opportunity to take part in the iconic Notting Hill Carnival, an experience that would later play a significant role in shaping his future career.

In the vibrant city of London, Levi embarked on the creation of his renowned Reggae Reggae Sauce in his kitchen located in Brixton, with the valuable assistance of his seven offspring. He peddled the sauce from a satchel on his person, and its renown steadily burgeoned. In the year 1991, he artfully melded his gastronomic prowess with his passion for music, establishing the ‘Rasta’raunt’ at the prestigious Notting Hill Carnival. Despite the remarkable triumph of the sauce, it wasn’t until another 16 years had elapsed, following numerous setbacks and refusals, that businesses finally took notice.

Levi’s breakthrough moment occurred in 2006 when a BBC researcher discovered him at the World Food Market and extended an invitation for him to appear on “Dragons’ Den.”Initially unfamiliar with the show, Levi’s children cautioned him against participating, fearing severe criticism. Nevertheless, his mother urged him to embrace the opportunity, and Levi confidently presented his sauce. His pitch proved successful, leading to a £50,000 investment from millionaire ‘Dragons’ Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh, in return for a 40% share in his enterprise. With Jones’ assistance, Reggae Reggae Sauce was promptly added to Sainsbury’s inventory, transforming Levi’s aspirations into a tangible achievement.

Levi’s journey from a novice in the business realm to a renowned and revered individual has been truly extraordinary. His remarkable accomplishments have not only earned him invitations to exclusive events like those held at 10 Downing Street, but have also earned him widespread recognition for shattering barriers as a black entrepreneur who has attained substantial financial prosperity in the United Kingdom. Levi attributes his success to his genuine nature and steadfast dedication to his product, both of which have played pivotal roles in propelling him to his current status in the industry. Levi’s story serves as an inspiring example of how hard work, authenticity, and unwavering commitment can lead to remarkable success despite facing challenges and obstacles along the way.

Levi’s main goal has always been to elevate the Reggae Reggae brand and its core values. He has shown that with hard work and perseverance, even a black Rastafarian from Brixton can achieve success with just a sauce, serving as an inspiration for others to follow their dreams. The Levi Roots range now includes a wide variety of Caribbean-inspired products, with his sauce being prominently showcased on the menus of many well-known restaurant chains like Wetherspoons. Levi’s dedication to spreading the flavors of his culture and heritage has not only made him a successful entrepreneur but also a symbol of empowerment and possibility for aspiring individuals from all walks of life.

In the year 2008, Levi made his debut on television with the launch of his very first series titled “Caribbean Food Made Easy.”The main goal of this show was to make Caribbean cuisine more accessible and understandable to a wider audience. Alongside this television venture, Levi also published a highly acclaimed culinary book that showcased his expertise and passion for cooking. Continuing to expand his creative horizons, Levi took a step into the world of music in 2009 by releasing his studio album called “Red Hot.” This musical project not only showcased his talent as a musician but also highlighted his deep commitment to the art form. By venturing into both television and music, Levi demonstrated his versatility and dedication to sharing his talents with the world.

Levi’s brand has been experiencing steady growth, as it continues to bring the vibrant essence of the Caribbean to new and diverse audiences. One of the notable initiatives that Levi undertook in 2013 was the launch of the School of Life Tour, which aimed to inspire children all over the country to follow their dreams and adopt a healthy approach to food. Apart from this, Levi has also authored six cookbooks, a book on business, and recently released an album, showcasing his versatility and creativity. In addition to his various creative pursuits, Levi also made a memorable guest appearance on the popular BBC series “Death in Paradise,”further solidifying his presence in the entertainment industry. Levi’s impact and influence extend beyond just his brand, as he continues to inspire and engage audiences through his diverse projects and collaborations.

Due to his outstanding entrepreneurial achievements and groundbreaking culinary innovations, Levi was honored with the prestigious title of Honorary Fellow at the renowned Royal Agricultural University (RAU). Professor Jo Price, who serves as the Vice-Chancellor of RAU, praised Levi for his visionary leadership and noted that he serves as a true inspiration to all who aspire to make a positive impact in their respective fields. Levi’s dedication to pushing boundaries and his commitment to excellence have truly set him apart as a trailblazer in the industry.

Levi’s inspiring life story is undergoing a fascinating transformation as it is being brought to the big screen by talented screenwriters Meg Leonard and Nick Moorcroft. The upcoming film will delve into Levi’s incredible journey, starting from his humble beginnings as a struggling young individual in Jamaica to his eventual rise as a successful and influential business tycoon in the United Kingdom. The movie promises to capture the essence of Levi’s rags-to-riches tale, showcasing the challenges he faced, the obstacles he overcame, and the triumphs he achieved along the way. Audiences can look forward to a gripping and heartfelt cinematic experience that celebrates the resilience, determination, and ultimately, the extraordinary success of Levi’s life story.

Levi Roots, the well-known musician and entrepreneur, has been given the prestigious role of Chairman at the St. Paul’s Carnival in Bristol. This annual event is a vibrant celebration that beautifully combines Levi’s passion for music and food. Levi Roots will undoubtedly bring his unique flair and energy to the carnival, making it an even more exciting and unforgettable experience for all attendees. His appointment signifies a new chapter for the carnival, promising a fusion of cultural richness and creativity under his leadership. Levi Roots’ involvement is sure to elevate the carnival to new heights, attracting even more visitors and showcasing the best of Bristol’s diverse and dynamic community.


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