Nurturing Wellness: Dr. Banji Awosika’s Impact Beyond Medicine

Dr. Banji Awosika is not just a name that reeks of medical expertise but of the profound impact he’s making in the field of nephrology and wellness. A US-based Specialist Physician, Dr. Awosika is committed to reversing the trend of medical tourism through knowledge sharing and hands-on procedural training.

Sitting on the board-certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology, Dr. Awosika specialises in Nephrology, Hypertension, Dialysis, and Kidney Transplant medicine. His academic journey began at the University of Lagos Teaching Hospital College of Medicine, where he earned two bachelor’s degrees. He honed his skills through a residency and fellowship at North Shore University Hospital and St. John Hospital, shaping the foundation for his illustrious career.

His memberships in esteemed organizations such as the American Society of Nephrology, American College of Physicians, American Society of Internal Medicine, and International Society of Hypertension in Ethnic Minorities underscore his commitment to staying at the forefront of medical advancements.

Dr. Awosika is not merely a physician; he’s a healthcare entrepreneur and leader. The founder of the prestigious West Orange Dialysis in Central Florida, his recent collaboration with the RenViva team marks a strategic move towards expanding his influence in the healthcare landscape.

Beyond the accolades, Dr. Awosika’s focus on patient well-being shines through. His specialization in interventional nephrology, hypertension, and kidney dialysis comes with a unique emphasis on preventive care. Notably, he runs a wellness program with an in-house coach, aiding patients in modifying their eating habits and lifestyles. This holistic approach aligns with his vision of not just treating diseases but fostering enduring well-being.

Dr. Awosika’s commitment to holistic health is further evidenced by his involvement in a medical marijuana clinic. This progressive step showcases a willingness to explore alternative therapies in the pursuit of comprehensive patient care.

Dr. Awosika extends his influence beyond medical practice. As the host of the monthly podcast, “The Thrive Tribe with DBA,” and the community leader of “TRIBE DBA,” he actively engages in spreading health awareness. His leadership at DBA-Exactly LLC, a life and wellness organization, demonstrates a commitment to lifestyle medicine, emphasizing the profound connection between daily habits and long-term health.

Dr. Awosika’s interests go beyond medicine; he plays the saxophone, practices martial arts, enjoys reading, and participates in marathons throughout the year. This multi-faceted persona not only enriches his life but also reflects a holistic approach that transcends the traditional boundaries of healthcare.

Dr. Banji Awosika is a champion of transformative medical practice, marked by excellence, entrepreneurship, and community engagement, and exemplifies the essence of a modern healthcare leader — one who not only heals but empowers individuals to thrive in the fullness of health and wellness.