Fola Adenugba Champions Global Black Art Through ISE-DA

Adefolakunmi (Fola) Adenugba, a visionary leader in the art world, founded ISE-DA, an innovative art advisory and media platform dedicated to supporting international Black contemporary art. Adenugba’s mission is to foster a connected community that is passionate, knowledgeable, and engaged with art from across the African Diaspora.

Her academic journey at Emory University, where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in Art History, laid the groundwork for her impactful career. During her time at Emory, she was honored with the Emory NAACP Presidential Image Award, the Goizueta Business School Campus Leadership Award, and a Graduating Woman of Excellence Award. Additionally, she was inducted into the prestigious Class of 2017 100 Senior Honorary.

Adenugba’s professional background is rich and diverse, with experience in management consulting and internships at prominent art institutions such as the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Her expertise was further honed through roles at the Cheryl Hazan Gallery and communications in New York. This extensive experience has equipped her with a deep understanding of both the business and artistic sides of the art world.

Launched in 2020, ISE-DA is a mission-driven platform that emphasizes the cultural stewardship of Black contemporary art. The platform’s multifaceted approach includes advisory services, educational initiatives, and collaborative programming, all aimed at preserving and enhancing the value of cultural works. By focusing on cultivation, education, and reimagination, ISE-DA seeks to nurture a pioneering generation of Black collectors who are committed to the social and financial empowerment of Black cultural hubs.

ISE-DA stands out by prioritizing cultural stewardship, a practice that involves taking responsibility for and preserving the value of cultural heritage. Through its initiatives, the platform aims to create a sustainable impact on the global development of Black cultural production. By encouraging art collecting as a means of investment and support, ISE-DA not only promotes the appreciation of Black art but also strengthens the financial and social infrastructure of Black communities worldwide.

Fola Adenugba’s leadership and vision for ISE-DA are redefining the landscape of art collection and cultural preservation. Her efforts are paving the way for a more inclusive and informed art world, where Black contemporary art is celebrated and sustained. Through ISE-DA, Adenugba is not only supporting artists but also inspiring a new generation of collectors and cultural stewards who recognize the profound value of art in shaping and reflecting our global society.