Shonda Scott: A-360 Woman of Transformative Vision, Inspiring Communities

In the bustling year of 2006, Shonda Scott took the reins of change firmly in her hands, birthing 360 Total Concept—a management services powerhouse headquartered in the vibrant Oakland/Bay Area. This venture stood as a solution for organizations in dire need of public relations, monitoring and compliance, logistics, and facilities management support.

360 Total Concept has, over the years, amassed a portfolio of colossal projects, collaborating with industry titans such as Uber, Kaiser Permanente, major transportation agencies, airports, and stadiums. Their contributions extend beyond the boardrooms, into the very fabric of society. By devising diversity spending strategies, 360 has catalyzed a reinvestment of over $100 million into historically underserved communities, amplifying opportunities for small businesses.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – November 25 – President Barack Obama Photo Line at SFJAZZ in San Francisco November 25th 2013 at SF Jazz in San Francisco, CA (Photo – Drew Altizer Photography)

Shonda Scott’s visionary endeavors extend into the realms of civic duty. In 2012, her impact was recognized on a national scale when she was appointed to President Obama’s Platform Committee. This accolade stood as a testament to her immense civic and community leadership. Congresswoman Barbara Lee acknowledged Shonda’s dedication by naming her a CBC Young Leader in 2006. Furthermore, the esteemed Alameda County’s Women’s Hall of Fame welcomed Shonda in 2018, honoring her astute business acumen.

Beyond the boardroom, Shonda Scott wears multiple hats, showcasing her versatile talent. As the executive producer and host of “Spotlight with Shonda Scott,” a captivating talk show, she uplifts local and national influencers and unsung heroes. This is a testament to her dedication to not only run successful businesses but also to highlight and support the exceptional voices within her community.

Shonda’s heart is sewn into the fabric of the communities she serves. She founded The Pink Access Foundation, a non-profit entity passionately addressing healthcare disparities in urban communities. In memory of her dear friend Shannan, who succumbed to breast cancer at a tender age, Shonda Scott has tirelessly worked to raise funds and awareness for organizations supporting cancer survivors in disadvantaged areas.

Shonda Scott’s journey has been punctuated by prestigious awards and recognitions, both nationally and internationally. From being honored as the Female Entrepreneur of the Year by The Stevie Awards to gracing the cover of Enterprising Women Magazine as the 2017 Enterprising Woman of the Year, Shonda’s influence has resonated on a global scale. The National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) crowned her the Business Woman of the Year in the Bay Area, further cementing her position as a pioneering figure in the business world.