Maureen Charming Layokun: The Nigerian Media Mogul Taking London’s Spotlight

Maureen Layokun is a name that radiates sophistication, class, and elegance in London’s media and journalism. Hailing from Nigeria and based in the UK, this multi-faceted journalist has earned her place in the limelight, not just as a prominent publisher but also as a proud wife and mother. Maureen has culminated a highly successful journey for herself with many rewards and awards to show for it, among which is the ‘1000 Most Phenomenal Women in the World’ Award. In a prestigious award ceremony in Westminster in London, she was honored for her outstanding contributions to the media industry and her community.

Maureen Layokun is a woman of clear distinction. As the publisher of Charming Magazine, she has demonstrated a consistent commitment in promoting excellence in the media and journalism sectors. Her achievements go far beyond the glossy pages of her publication. With the glamorous ‘I Am a Superwoman – 1000 Most Phenomenal Women in the World Award’ at a glamorous, her extraordinary impact on the world stage, makes her a truly remarkable figure in contemporary media.

In the year 2020 which will forever be etched in history as the period when the world faced the unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Maureen Layokun was among the select few who selflessly supported their communities during this difficult time. At the Panache Global Entertainment ‘Covid Heroes’ Awards Night in October 2021, held at the prestigious Clayton Hotel, Chiswick, London, Maureen received the ‘Outstanding Hero’s Award.’ This award symbolized her dedication to making a difference when it was needed most.

Maureen’s accomplishments extend to her exemplary and excellent media coverage of the 2021 Mrs. Universal Empire Pageant. Her publication, Charming Magazine, was recognized for its outstanding promotion and coverage of this prestigious event. In acknowledgment of their commendable efforts, Maureen Layokun and Charming Magazine were bestowed with the ‘Media Star Award 2021’ by the MUE Global Group. The award ceremony, held in November 2021 at a private and elegant gathering in London, was a testament to Maureen’s commitment to excellence in media coverage.

Receiving the ‘Media Star Award 2021,’ Maureen Layokun’s excellence in promoting the Mrs. Universal Empire Pageant was lauded as a well-deserved honour by Queen Layla Najafe, President of the MUE Global Movement. In her award presentation speech, Queen Layla Najafe expressed her gratitude for Charming Magazine’s remarkable coverage. She commended the magazine’s press releases and highlighted its influence, as it reached audiences all around the world, from the United States to Asia. Maureen and Charming Magazine earned the title of ‘Star of Mrs. Universal Empire 2021,’ a fitting recognition of their commitment to media excellence.

Maureen Layokun is known for her sheer sense of humility and honor in receiving such prestigious awards and commendations. Maureen’s consistent commitment to excellence in media has solidified her reputation as a media mogul and a true force to be reckoned with in London’s journalism. With her impeccable style and remarkable achievements, Maureen Layokun continues to spread her wings in the media industry and beyond.