Samuel Adetunji: Taking Your Cannabis As Medicine, Globally Changing The 4:20 Narrative

Titled multiple names and for many more purposes, cannabis has become one very hot topic on the lips of people from the corner of the street to corridors of power, family table and church pulpit are not left out. It is a very engaging interest.

As the world continues to adapt post-Covid, medicinal services and products continue to develop to reach patients and its consumers, cannabis is a product that can be employed for many reasons ranging medicinal to recreational purposes. For those who may need it for medicinal achievements, there is an organization led by a Nigerian bringing technology and cannabis together.

Samuel Adetunji, co-founder of an organisation, Veriheal [2017], is turning the narrative to help bring cannabis medicine to patients at their own convenience. Linking medical doctors to patients to bridge the gap, the Nigerian-descent is ensuring deliberate about enriching lives in need of the product.

Watching his father suffer tremendously during his cancer treatment years back, Samuel witnessed the difficulty in getting his father on the medicine that could have eased off a large portion of the pain and resulting fast track of his recovery then. He knew he had to do something about it and the idea of abridging the medicinal cannabis-doctor-patient was etched.

He not only wants to ensure patients are getting access to the medication but he and his co-founder, Joshua Green are building a sustenance of the service by throwing open scholarship programs for interested students researching cannabis – the scholarship is open to about any students outside of the medical line too.

In an society where about four percent of business owners are blacks, he and the company are growing their operations with over 500+ doctors who run thorough consultation services through the patients, provide patients with access to the product after due diligence and ensure the whole process to subject and compliant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.

In the cannatech world, Adetunji plans to take his company’s services internationally as he continues to maintain a reach of over 20 American states already. Knowing how risky the waters surrounding the medicinal cannabis is on the minds and tongues of people, Adetunji is a leader in providing proper usage of the 4:20 in the black community.