From 4 Pigs to a Thriving Pig Farming Empire: Anna Phosa The Black South African Agricprenuer

Anna Phosa, a trailblazing entrepreneur and pig farming visionary, has transformed the landscape of agriculture in South Africa. Her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a successful commercial pig farmer is nothing short of inspiring. Born with an unwavering drive and a clear vision, Anna embarked on her entrepreneurial path. She started out in vegetable farming, seeking additional income. However, fate intervened when she attended a farmers’ networking event in Zuurbekom. There, she encountered an elderly pig farmer named Mr. Mohlabi, whose passion ignited Anna’s interest in pig farming.

In 2004, Anna purchased four pigs, believing in the potential of commercial pig farming. Despite her lack of prior experience, she dove headfirst into learning the intricacies of this industry. Her determination and business acumen set her on a remarkable trajectory. Anna’s brainchild, Dreamland Piggery and Abattoir, emerged as a beacon of success. Located in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa, it stands as a testament to her resilience and commitment. Anna’s journey wasn’t without challenges, but she persevered.

Anna Phosa holds the distinction of being the only black female commercial pig farmer in South Africa. Her impact extends beyond her own farm; she’s a role model for emerging black farmers. Anna’s story defies stereotypes and empowers others to dream big. Anna’s networking skills and business savvy propelled her forward. She secured a deal with Vereeniging Meat Packers in 2005, marking the beginning of her meat supply journey. In 2006, she received the Young Farmer Award for her exceptional contributions to agriculture. Later, she clinched the Standard Bank Top Woman in Agriculture award.

Her most significant achievement came in 2016 when she partnered with Pick n Pay, one of South Africa’s largest supermarket chains. Anna now supplies them with 300-350 pigs weekly, sourced from her farm and other local farmers. Her business employs 30 permanent staff members and 10 seasonal workers, primarily local youth.

Anna’s commitment extends beyond profits. She mentors students fresh out of agricultural studies, nurturing the next generation of agripreneurs. Her focus on gender transformation and community involvement sets her apart. Anna Phosa’s influence reverberates globally. She’s a sought-after speaker at prestigious forums like the World Economic Forum, Harvard University, MIT, and the African Union. Her workshops inspire budding entrepreneurs to create positive change.