Shecluded: Empowering Women Through Financial Inclusion in Nigeria

Considering that about 36% of women are financially excluded as against a mere 24% of men according to EFINA’s 2019 assessment of women’s financial inclusion, one would wonder how much the society as a whole stands to benefit if more women were financially included. The popular saying that educated women will in turn become the foundation of an informed society is now becoming a regular sight in today’s world.

In the heart of Nigeria’s bustling economy, a financial revolution aimed specifically at women quietly started making waves. Shecluded, a digital financial platform, tackles the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and individuals, offering a suite of services designed to foster economic empowerment and inclusion.

Ifeoma Nwakesi Uddoh founded Shecluded in 2019 to bridge the gap for women to become more financial stable and have leverage in the economy today. It is a female-focused fintech company that offers financial services to women to increase their worth. Ifeoma created Shecluded out of her life experience while growing up. She watched her mother bexome a widow at 27, navigate life’s uncertainties while raising four children all alone.

Traditional financial institutions often overlook or undervalue women, making it difficult for them to access essential financial tools like loans, investments, and wealth management. Shecluded stepped in, to offer quick and convenient loans, tailored wealth advisory services, and a supportive community platform built specifically for women giving them more financial literacy to make informed decisions.

Shecluded understands that financial wellbeing goes as deep as having access to capital. She targets the whole process so that small female business owners scale the bias of gender preference that has always favoured males, presenting balanced opportunities in finances while also creating and sustaining a network of monetary options.

Operating via granting access to loans and training women in tech skills, Ifeoma’s company is empowering women to create a soft landing for themselves. Shecluded has provided access to finance and essential resources, helping countless women launch businesses, grow their incomes, and achieve financial independence.

Shecluded’s story is one of empowerment, innovation, and inclusivity. As the platform continues to expand its reach, it serves as a beacon of hope for women across Nigeria, demonstrating the power of financial and tech tools tailored to their specific needs and aspirations.

Her awards and honours include 2022 Winner SelectUSA Tech Pitch Competition, U.S Government; 2021 Alumna of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs, U.S Consulate and Ascend Studios Foundation; 2021 Recipient Google Black Founders Fund, Google; Top 5 Female Entrepreneur, UK Tech Hub, 2020