Tunji Andrews, The Nigerian Behind Raising Financial Leverage For Low-Income Earners, Giving Financial World A Rethink

Money is a tricky possession for a lot of people. It is one possession desired restlessly on end, daya and night. Whether working in the corporate sector or informal sector, people have subscribed to monetary rewards as one of the most satisfying rewards there is. It’s bargaining power turns heads, tide and conclusions in societal endeavours.

In a continent like Africa, the informal sector has been arguably the highest percentile contributing to nation’s GDP. Sadly, many of the work force have little or no access to financial options that will upscale their businesses and services. The commercial environment on the continent limits business growth to certain levels for such workforce.

A look into Nigeria’s workforce has seen the raise of fintech start-ups innovatively devising quality optional financial services to link up the underserved to large-scale growth. Intentional, determined and detailed, Tunji Andrews is committed to providing the excluded from being excluded any longer.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Tunji is a young co-founder of a financial service platform that is offering multiple monetary options and insurance choices to the informal sector participants in seamingless transcations and subscriptions. His innovation is offering the country’s often down-trodded the bargaining power to become leaders in their business efforts.

Being one for financial leverage, he is the CEO of ‘Awabah‘, a digital platform that offers financial leverage to those who do not have it, especially in the commercial sector. Awabah services has created a bundle of financial services starting from micro pensions, which is a value-packed bundle in which subscribers can get pension savings, health insurance, accident cover, and life insurance all for N1500.

What sets Tunji Andrews organisation apart from others is the opportunity for low-income earners to have financial leverage to attain satisfaction at their money’s worth. This has become a mantra of sort that the organisation has built over the years so that financial inclusion is not just a chewing gum but financial leverage is the main ingrident to this cadre’s success stories.