Higher Education, Technology, People: Nigerian Global Shaker, Gossy Nwanwoke Easing the Stress of Gaining Admission into African Universities

Higher education quest in Nigeria has become such as life-impacting phase that many seekers into the institutions of learning jostle for limited spots after writing qualifying exams in their thousands, only for aome to even find out that their choice of study interest is not available at all. This has led many to resign to whatever to study whatever is available at the moment in order not to be seen as unserious by members of the community.

As the development of education continues to see steady innovation and a rise in simplification process, Nigeria’s learning space is now open to convenience of time and schedule to the institutions and interested students as well as not leaving out enrolled students either. This aspect of education in the country has become a haven of sort for funding, funder, founders and student bodies.

After facing multiple attempts at gaining admission into a higher institution of his choice and the eventually unavailability of his interest of study in the Nigerian education space, Gossy Nwanwoke, eventually rose to the task of creating equal opportunities for Nigerian and African students interested in pursuing their higher education. Gossy is one of the leading forces to look iut for in the emerging innovative scheme of things.

A man with many hats in higher education, finance, security, gaming and entertainment. He is passionate about transforming higher education in Africa through research, advisory, investment and technology, and supports access to learning and education for young people in underserved communities. He is also actively involved in policies that further increases the access to quality higher education learning.

He established the Beni American University [BAU] in 2012 – Nigeria’s first online university and BAU Executive Education through his company BAU R&D. Being active on two Nigerian traditional universities educational programs, his investment is providing on-campus degree programs online through the implementation of the very best of technology, process management, recruitment, admissions and advisory when he became the President in 2017 of EduTech. EduTech collaborated with Obafemi Awolowo University and Ahmadu Bello University to bring education closer to the Nigerian undergraduate and post-graduate students.

2016, Qatar Foundation named Gossy as one of the 50 Global Makers and Shakers of EdTech. He was a winner of the Accelerating Entrepreneurs category – World Entrepreneur of the Year, by the advisory firm Ernst and Young in 2015, recognizing the work he has done in education and human capital development on the African continent. 2016, He was a finalist on the Young CEO of the Year 2016 award by the Africa CEO Forum.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Management Systems from Girne American University in 2013.