Tyrod Taylor Shatters 100-Year NFL Record to Become First Black Quarterback to Win for NY Giants

Tyrod Taylor has etched his name into the annals of New York Giants and American Football history by becoming the first Black quarterback to lead the franchise to victory. This historic feat unfolded in the Giants’ matchup against the Washington Commanders, marking a watershed moment in the nearly century-long history of the NFL team.

The NFL has seen its share of milestones recently, as Black quarterbacks continue to break barriers. From Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts making history in the Super Bowl to Jalen Hurts signing a record-breaking contract, the landscape of the league is evolving rapidly. Lamar Jackson’s mega contract further underscored the shifting dynamics. Yet, Tyrod Taylor’s remarkable achievement added another layer to this narrative.

Taylor’s win for the Giants carries an added layer of significance when considering the team’s historical relationship with Black quarterbacks. Despite being one of the oldest franchises in the league, founded 98 years ago, the Giants have only entrusted two Black quarterbacks with the starting role, the fewest among all NFL teams. Their conservative approach meant they were also the last team to field a Black quarterback, with Geno Smith starting a single game in 2017. However, in the wake of Taylor’s victory, this narrative has taken a transformative turn, opening the door to new possibilities for both the Giants and the league itself.

The question that lingers now is whether Tyrod Taylor will be given the chance to guide the Giants to the playoffs. His performance in securing this historic win certainly suggests he deserves a chance at the helm.

Notably, Taylor has been in a similar position in the past. Back in 2017, he served as the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, ending their 17-year playoff drought. His stellar 4-2 record in Buffalo’s final six games helped secure a postseason spot for the team. However, his journey took an unfortunate twist in 2020 when a medical incident derailed his career while playing for the Los Angeles Chargers.

In a tragic turn of events, Taylor lost his starting job due to a medical error involving a painkilling injection. This incident marked a pivotal moment in Taylor’s career, as he struggled to reclaim his position. Now, in a new chapter with the New York Giants, Taylor is receiving the opportunity that was abruptly taken away from him. The question of his longevity in this role remains, with concerns raised about white privilege potentially sidelining his promising career.

The issue of white privilege has been a recurring theme in the career of Daniel Jones, the Giants’ former starting quarterback. Jones, seen as an average college quarterback during his time at Duke, surprised many when he was drafted sixth overall in 2019. His record as a starting quarterback in the NFL, with only one winning season out of four, and 40 interceptions since his draft, has led to questions about the substantial contract he received.

Critics argue that Jones’s underwhelming performance and the hefty financial investment made in him underscore issues of privilege in NFL decision-making. The Giants, however, now find themselves at a crossroads with an opportunity to make a change.

Two games into the season, it’s becoming evident that Tyrod Taylor is the standout performer on the Giants’ roster. His displays on the field have garnered the support of coaches and teammates alike. Notably, Taylor has already achieved the same number of wins (one) as Jones before the latter’s injury. With Jones now cleared to play, the Giants face a critical decision.

This historical moment, where Taylor broke the Giants’ quarterback color barrier and emerged victorious, presents the organization with an opportunity to course-correct. It’s time for the Giants to lean into a promising future with Tyrod Taylor, thus shifting the dynamics of the franchise and the NFL itself.