Zainab Aliyu: The Soaring Magnate Crafting Leather Elegance with AABOUX

As creativity thrives and dreams take shape, Zainab Aliyu has woven a tale of luxury, empowerment, and African pride. As the founder and CEO of AABOUX, she has breathed life into exquisite leather goods that transcend mere accessories—they are statements of elegance and cultural celebration. AABOUX emerged in 2017 as a beacon of sophistication. Zainab’s vision was clear: to create limited-edition leather pieces that blend beauty, style, and function. Each handcrafted bag is a testament to her passion for timeless fashion and her love for travel and nature.

Signature Stitch-Less Technique: AABOUX’s artisans, skilled across generations, master a unique stitch-less technique. They meticulously craft bags from ethically sourced leathers, ensuring quality and sustainability. Distinct Silhouettes: Zainab’s designs marry elegance with functionality. From textures to prints, every piece tells a story. Each bag feels like her own child—birthed with love and pride. Changing the Narrative: AABOUX challenges stereotypes about Nigeria and Africa. Their items, produced in Lagos, redefine luxury. Zainab’s commitment extends beyond fashion; she’s a philanthropist advocating for education, healthcare, and mental health.

Zainab’s journey defies convention. With over 15 years in the energy sector, she’s a UK qualified Fellow of the Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants (ACCA). But her creative spark ignited unexpectedly. In 2017, a visit to Lekki Crafts Market transformed her life. Inspired by locally made leather goods, Zainab sketched, designed, and birthed her first two handbags. She discovered her artistic side — a fire that fueled AABOUX’s inception.

AABOUX isn’t confined to Lagos. Their presence graced New York Fashion Week, Coterie NY, and NY Now. Locally, they’ve participated in Lagos Leather Fair and Fashion Souk. Zainab’s brand epitomizes excellence, creativity, and sustainability. Zainab Aliyu embodies resilience, breaking barriers in the fashion industry. Her journey isn’t just about bags; it’s about empowering women, promoting African culture, and leaving an indelible mark.