Franco-Beninese Bola Bardet Is Bringing Revolutionalized Healthcare in Africa Through Innovation and Expertise

In the ever-twisting scope of healthcare technology, one visionary leader stands out for her unwavering commitment to transforming the way Africans access and experience healthcare. Meet Bola Bardet, the Franco-Beninese founder and CEO of SUSU, an insurtech/healthtech startup on a mission to make healthcare accessible and affordable for every African.

With a diverse educational background and over two decades of professional experience, Bola Bardet brings a unique blend of expertise, innovation, and passion to her role as a healthcare entrepreneur. Graduating from HEC Paris and obtaining a Master in Management from INT Management, Bola’s journey into the professional world began in 2003. Her early career saw her working as a Mathematics and Physics Visiting Teacher at COMPLETUDE, followed by internships at LCN Communications and roles at Richemont, where she honed her skills in program management, project coordination, and business analysis.

However, it was in 2019 that Bola embarked on her most ambitious venture yet – the founding of SUSU. Recognizing the pressing need for accessible and affordable healthcare solutions in Africa, Bola set out to leverage technology and innovation to address this critical issue. Susu, a digitally-enhanced full-service healthcare solution, caters not only to Africans on the continent but also to the diaspora seeking to provide quality care to their families back home.

Bola Bardet’s journey is not just marked by academic and professional achievements but also by a deep commitment to continuous learning and growth. Throughout her career, she has pursued various certifications and executive education programs to expand her knowledge and expertise. From completing CFA levels I, II, and III to obtaining an Executive MBA from HEC Paris, Bola has consistently sought to stay at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. In 2023, Bola Bardet was recognized as an ABH Top 10 Hero, further cementing her status as a trailblazer in the healthcare industry. Her innovative approach to addressing healthcare challenges in Africa has garnered praise and admiration from peers and industry experts alike.

At the heart of Susu’s mission is a commitment to leveraging technology to bridge the gap in healthcare access and affordability. Through innovative solutions such as telemedicine, digital health records, and insurance integration, Susu is revolutionizing the way Africans engage with healthcare, ensuring that no one is left behind. As the founder and CEO of Susu, Bola Bardet embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and social impact. Her dedication to driving positive change in Africa’s healthcare landscape serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals alike. With Susu, Bola is not just building a business – she’s building a brighter, healthier future for all Africans.