How Oyinkansola Adebayo Is Revamping The Fashion Industry For The Black Woman Through NFTs

The challenges the black woman faces in the United Kingdom presents a gigantic mountain that needs more hands on deck she can be able to raise herself in decision-making positions. The average black woman is ‘disappearing’ from the workforce which is predominantly apexed by the male folks. It is even more worrisome that up to 20,000 black women are “missing” from the UK’s tech sector. A survey shows 2.5 times fewer black women working in IT than in the entire UK labour force. The black woman in UK would need to double her efforts at a chokehold to become a leader in many industries.

As technology is reshaping industries and economies, Oyinkansola Adebayo stands out as a beacon of empowerment for black women in the United Kingdom. As the CEO and founder of Niyo Group, a fintech company dedicated to bridging the digital divide and fostering tech literacy among black women UK, Adebayo’s mission goes beyond profit margins – it’s about catalyzing societal change through technology.

Adebayo founded Niyo Group with a clear purpose: to equip black women with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to thrive in the digital age. Recognizing the systemic barriers that often hinder their access to tech education and opportunities, she envisioned a platform where black women could not only gain technical skills but also find community and support.

At the core of Niyo Group’s mission is the belief that diversity drives innovation. By empowering black women with tech proficiency, Adebayo aims to cultivate a more inclusive and equitable tech ecosystem, where diverse perspectives are not only valued but essential for progress.

Since its inception, Niyo Group has made significant strides in empowering black women across the UK. Through a combination of workshops, mentorship programs, and online resources, the company has empowered countless women to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. She operates a three-prong service offerings namely: Niyo Bootcamp, Niyo Dapp, and Niyo Beauty and Hair.

Niyo Group’s innovative approach to tech education prioritizes practical skills and real-world applications. From coding and digital marketing to financial literacy and entrepreneurship, their comprehensive curriculum equips women with the tools they need to succeed in today’s digital economy. These three offerings encourage black women to become vast in technology with the option of providing fashion skills, mentorship and innovation through NFTs.

Beyond skill development, Niyo Group fosters a supportive community where women can network, collaborate, and inspire one another. Through events, forums, and online communities, Adebayo has created a space where black women can not only learn from experts but also share their experiences and celebrate their achievements.

In Oyinkansola Adebayo’s vision, technology is not just a tool for innovation—it’s a catalyst for social change. Through Niyo Group, she is not only empowering black women to thrive in the digital age but also reshaping the narrative of who belongs in the tech industry. As Adebayo continues to champion diversity and inclusion, her impact will undoubtedly be felt far beyond the borders of the UK, inspiring generations of black women to pursue their dreams in tech.