Connecting Elderly Healthcare to Qualified Care-givers: Nigeria’s Chika Madubuko Is Engineering The Aged Ones A Younger Life

When global research companies companies such as Deloitte publish materials that explains that sub-sahara Africa will embrace an 80% rate adaptability for mobile technology in nearest future, not only is communication a reason for this but the region is also estimated to involve business integration as a factor worth considering.

From fintech to trainings to education, the internet and digital world is experiencing an explosion of varied adaptations by almost everyone with an internet-enabled gadget anywhere in the world. For Chika Madubuko, health is wise and the world needs to help the elderlies lives a little much longer too. She is leading with providing a ease of life for the elderlies via a click of the screen.

The graduate of Microbiology from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, before progressing to Biotechnology and Bioengineering at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom (UK), Madubuko has founded Greymate Care, an online platform that connects the elderly to vetted care-givers right [in] the comfort of their homes.

Born in the North of Nigeria, the CEO created the organisation to cater for the aged ones in their latter stages of life and provide trainings on elderly healthcare. After watching and experiencing tough hurdles in the search for professional home healthcare for her grandmother, Madubuko knew she had to employ her skill as a trained healthcare to good use back in her country.

As a cultural norm in Nigeria for wives and mothers to be sit-at-home adults, the healthcare duties of the aged are reserved for them automatically. But in recent years, many more women are now taking on jobs thereby reducing the availability of these women on a 24/7 ratio and there is no database for vetted care-givers in the country, hence Madubuko decided to come up with a solution.

Her experience working in Amazon and Guinness helped propel her into making her leap into entrepreneurship. Her business development and sales knowledge played a crucial role in her going into providing care-givers employment in Nigeria.

She has been distinguished with awards and honours like She Leads Africa Accelerator Award 2017, Bronze Prize; Honouree in Forbes 30 Under 30 Trailblazers in 2019; Recognized as a Harambean; A Women in Tech Africa Laureate, and part of the 100 Leading Ladies in Africa Women in Tech list; International Alumnus Award 2020 from the University of Hertfordshire