Oluwaseun Omotoyosi Oduyale: Pioneering Asooke Design and Image Consultancy

Oluwaseun Omotoyosi Oduyale is a name synonymous with innovation and cultural preservation in Nigeria’s fashion industry. As a Creative Designer and a certified Image Consultant, Oduyale boasts over half a decade of experience in fashion design, image consulting, branding, communication, and business strategy. At the helm of Bisbod Asooke, he serves as the Creative Director, leading the comolupany to new heights in promoting Nigerian culture and tradition through exquisite Asooke design, innovation, and education.

The transformative journey of Bisbod Asooke began in 2016 under Oduyale’s visionary leadership. He masterminded the rebranding and transformation of the company, leveraging marketing and social media strategies to broaden its appeal, particularly to the younger generation. This strategic move not only expanded the company’s customer base but also skyrocketed its social media following to over 24,000 in six years, alongside securing various noteworthy media publications.

In the year 2018, Oduyale exhibited his exceptional strategic skills yet again as he led the way in developing the business expansion plan for Bisbod Asooke. The grand opening of its new office in Lekki was a significant milestone for the company, enabling them to grow their market presence and solidify their position in the highly competitive world of fashion. This move not only showcased Oduyale’s leadership abilities but also highlighted Bisbod Asooke’s commitment to growth and success in the industry.

The year 2019 saw Oduyale’s relentless pursuit of excellence as he steered the Product Use Engagement strategy. By forging strategic B2B partnerships and facilitating creative sessions, he played a pivotal role in the success of innovative collections and campaigns. His efforts benefited a roster of notable clients in the creative industry, including Hans&Rene, Ugo Monye, CMDesign, Ile-lla, Mayyisah, Purple Lagos, BABAYO Official, ATAFO, LadyMaker, Outspok’n Clothiers, and many more.

Oduyale’s commitment to excellence and his ability to blend traditional aesthetics with modern design principles have positioned Bisbod Asooke as a leading and award-winning entity in Nigeria’s fashion sector. His work not only showcases the beauty of Asooke but also educates and inspires a new generation to appreciate and uphold the rich tapestry of Nigerian heritage