Sesana Allen: Anti-Racism, Investing in Change and Equity Beyond the Boardroom

In the dynamic world of venture capital, Sesana Allen stands out as a billboard of change and equity. As an investor at Smash Capital, a late-stage venture firm backed by former Disney executives and Insight Partners, Allen brings a unique blend of financial acumen and social consciousness to the table. Her journey is not merely about securing profitable investments; it’s about leveraging capital as a force for good, both within the business realm and beyond.

Allen’s impact is palpable in her portfolio, notably in her sourcing of Smash Capital’s investment in Fizz, a groundbreaking social gaming platform. Beyond Fizz, Allen’s investment portfolio boasts a roster of notable startups, each embodying innovation and potential for societal impact.

However, Allen’s contributions extend far beyond the boardroom. She is a co-founder of the Anti-Racism Fund (ARF), a non-profit organization that has raised over $1 million to support initiatives combating racism and promoting equality. ARF stands as a testament to Allen’s commitment to addressing the systemic inequities faced by the Black community, providing tangible support to organizations aligned with its mission.

Furthermore, Allen’s dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion is exemplified through RaiseFashion, an internship program she launched. This initiative has placed over 100 students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in paid internships within the fashion and technology sectors. By creating pathways for underrepresented talent, Allen is reshaping the landscape of opportunity and dismantling barriers to entry in industries often plagued by inequality.

Recent events have underscored the urgent need for systemic change and solidarity in the fight against racism. In response, Allen and her co-founders at ARF have pioneered a groundbreaking approach to philanthropy. By curating a portfolio of organizations aligned with ARF’s “Four Pillars of Purpose,” they offer donors a clear and impactful avenue to support meaningful change. In doing so, they not only take the guesswork out of charitable giving but also facilitate a collective movement towards a more just and equitable society.

In a mix of varying components about entrepreneurship, Allen’s story is one of multifaceted leadership, where financial success intertwines with social responsibility. Through her work at Smash Capital, her advocacy with ARF, and her commitment to empowering marginalized communities, Allen exemplifies the transformative power of purpose-driven investing and philanthropy


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