Malika Evans: From Brooklyn to Healthcare Leadership – A Journey of Strategic Excellence

Malika Evans, a healthcare management executive, strategic planner, and project manager, embodies a journey of strategic excellence that traces its roots back to her upbringing in Brooklyn, New York. Born Malika Romona Barker in 1983, Evans’s academic journey was marked by achievement and promise. She was awarded the prestigious Thomas J. and Marie W. Burke Scholarship, which facilitated her pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences degree from Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont, graduating in 2005.

Following her undergraduate studies, Evans delved into advanced studies at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, from 2005 to 2007, laying the groundwork for her impactful career in healthcare management. Her professional trajectory commenced as the Director of the Department of Family Medicine at Cooper University Hospital (CUH) in Camden, New Jersey. Here, Evans exhibited her prowess in overseeing the business operations of numerous primary care practices and effectively managing departmental budgets, demonstrating early signs of her strategic acumen.

In 2008, Evans embarked on a new chapter personally as she married Jason Norman Evans, further anchoring her journey of success and accomplishment. Professionally, she transitioned to Kaiser Permanente Hospitals and Health Care in Northern Virginia, where she assumed the role of Facility Operations Manager. Her responsibilities encompassed managing substantial budgets and overseeing operational efficiency, a role she executed with precision and dedication until 2013.

With each career move, Evans showcased her ability to adapt and excel in various facets of healthcare management. Her tenure at MedStar in Washington, DC, as the Director of Acquisitions, underscored her capacity to navigate complex transitions and forge meaningful relationships within the healthcare ecosystem. Subsequent roles at Cardiology Associates in Virginia and Kaiser Permanente in Maryland and California further solidified Evans’s reputation as a strategic leader committed to enhancing consumer experience and operational efficiency in healthcare delivery.

In her current role as Senior Director of Grievance Operations for multiple states with Kaiser Permanente Hospitals and Health Care in Oakland, California, Evans continues to drive impactful change and champion excellence in healthcare management. Her journey from Brooklyn to healthcare leadership exemplifies resilience, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, inspiring future generations of healthcare professionals to strive for strategic brilliance in their endeavors.