Nigerian Artiste Hawwal Ogungbadero Sets Guinness World Record for Longest Recording Marathon with Multiple Artists

In a remarkable achievement, Nigerian artiste Hawwal Ogungbadero, founder of Blaqk Stereo Music Group (BSMG), has officially been confirmed as a Guinness World Record holder. Alongside 29 other talented artists, Hawwal accomplished the incredible feat of organizing and participating in the longest recording marathon with multiple artistes. This accomplishment showcases his dedication to supporting young musicians and providing them with a platform to showcase their creativity

The marathon recording session took place on June 25, 2022, at the Sambol Production Studio in Lagos. For an impressive duration of 40 hours and 19 minutes, Hawwal and his team embarked on a non-stop musical journey, creating captivating compositions over multiple music instrumentals.

Sharing the exciting news on his Instagram handle, Hawwal expressed his gratitude to his team and sponsors, highlighting the challenges they faced throughout the journey. The musician emphasized that the attempt aimed to promote Nigerian artistes and amplify their talents on a world-renowned platform such as the Guinness World Records.

The successful attempt was celebrated on the official Guinness World Records website, recognising Hawwal Emmanuel Olanrewaju Ogungbadero and BSMG for achieving the record of the longest recording marathon with multiple artistes. This accomplishment further reinforces Lagos State’s reputation as a hub of excellence and Nigeria’s commitment to fostering artistic talent.

The impact of Hawwal’s record-breaking achievement extends beyond his personal success. It serves as an inspiration for other Nigerian artists and highlights the creative prowess within the country. As a dedicated R&B musician, actor, instrumentalist, and filmmaker, Hawwal’s multifaceted talent has already made waves within the Nigerian entertainment industry.

While little is known about Hawwal’s early career trajectory, his biography on Boomplay describes his involvement in thespian theater productions and his notable role in the popular series “Jenifa’s Diary.” As an actor, he has graced screens in Nollywood, appearing in various series, movies, TV shows, and commercials across Africa.

Nigeria has seen numerous individuals break Guinness World Records in different categories, demonstrating the country’s vibrant and diverse talent pool. Artists like Rema, who achieved the number one spot on the Official MENA Chart, and Bose Omolayo, a para powerlifter, have made significant contributions to Nigeria’s presence in the Guinness World Records.

Hawwal Ogungbadero’s achievement adds another remarkable milestone to Nigeria’s growing list of record holders. By setting an example of dedication, creativity, and perseverance, Hawwal has become an inspiration to aspiring musicians and artists across the nation. His record-breaking feat serves as a testament to the immense talent that thrives within Nigeria’s artistic community, offering a glimpse into the boundless possibilities of African creativity on the global stage.


Joseph Omoniyi